January 20, 2014

Going Native with AppWalls Multiplies eCPM

AppWalls (aka Interstitials) have the highest eCPM potential – the trick to realizing that potential is to GO NATIVE.
The key is making sure the ads are as unobtrusive as possible. With a customized native AppWall, ads appear seamlessly in the app, with minimal impact on the user experience, and sometimes even quadrupling eCPM.

Let’s face it – app users are not crazy about ads. But app developers have bills to pay…
So developers need to find the right balance of displaying the right ads at the right time to maximize revenues and eCPM, without harming the user experience. By going native, ads are blended into the application’s look and feel. The mobileCore customized native AppWall improves the performance of any advertising campaign while lowering the impact on the user experience.

What are Native Ads any way ? Native advertising is a form of advertising within the context of the user’s experience. In other words, the advertisement fits in with the look and feel of its location.

Native ads simply feel less intrusive. When users don’t mind your ads, you can place more of them. Appealing, well-blended ads are more likely to be clicked on which increase conversions and thus revenue.
At mobileCore, we blended our AppWall visually into the carrying application, thus maximizing the potential revenue of the interstitial ad presented.
Is it as good as you say it is? We have the numbers to show just how well the customized Native AppWalls work with these two case studies.

Run Cow Run:

This beautiful arcade game from Bengigi studio introduces a cow running away from the evil farmer who wants to make her a part of his next BBQ dinner.


Introducing native ads into the application has done wonders to the eCPM. On average we noticed a 300% increase with up-to 500% (that’s $2 eCPM turned into $10 eCPM!) in selected GEOs.


The AppWall incorporates the application’s colors and animations. We’ve also integrated the game star – the running cow – into the AppWall. The cow beautifully appears and blinks at the user.

Trail Xtreme 3: is one of the top racing games (Editors’ Choice) on Google Play from Deemedya (Top Developer on Google Play). This game follows you on a motorcycle trying to reach from one end of the course to the other, while coping with numerous obstacles. With the endless available courses you are into hours of fun (and challenge, it gets pretty hard…).

trail extreme

We designed a native AppWall for “Trail Xtreme 3″. The eCPM increased by around 300%. The ads are again well blended with the application. The similar colors and graphics are far more accepted by users, increasing their probability of clicking the ads (CTR) and lowering the level of interference caused by the ads.


So if you have hundreds of thousands of daily active users, feel free to contact us (or contact your account manager), and we will create the best native AppWall, customized especially for your app, to multiply your eCPM.

Posted by Daniel Levison.

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