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The mobileCore SDK

Many ad units, Minimal footprint

Easy Integration

mobileCore’s lean SDK is comprised of only a few lines of code allowing for quick and easy integration. Within minutes your app can have multiple ad units designed to drive higher revenues. Our SDK also allows for seamless integration with multiple development frameworks and mediation platforms.

Optimized Ad Performance

The mobileCore SDK uses multiple self-learning algorithms that assess the best way to display ads in your app. Our analysis is applied to each user individually, testing which ads work best and when they work best. By serving only the most relevant ads, mobileCore ensures superior results and user experience for your valuable returning users.

Even Our SDK Is User Friendly

The SDK code is designed to use minimal data consumption, providing users with an app that doesn’t drain their data or battery. The SDK is also constructed from the most common permissions, allowing you to update apps without requiring your users to authorize any new permissions.

Non SDK solutions

Server-to-Server Integration Via API

Serve ads with your app’s existing coded formats by implementing campaigns using our API server-to-server integration. By making a simple request, you can receive a full list of all our active campaigns available in our management system and from external feeds. The demand list includes each campaigns’ benchmarks, parameters, descriptions, geotargeting, click URLs and other values given to you in the form of json code. To boost your distribution we are also here to optimize your monetization business logic to ensure the best results.

User Acquisition - Extended

Utilizing the knowledge we have gained after facilitating billions of installs, our team is also able to successfully media buy and acquire users across third party platforms. By using our proprietary media buying platform, which taps directly into both programmatic and direct platforms, the mobileCore team can buy cost-effectively from the largest mobile exchanges and networks including AppNexus, Facebook and Google.

Native Ads Inventory

Our C.A.S.T. advertising platform helps publishers create, sell and manage native ad units. Designed for publishers with direct sales teams that wish to create a native ad inventory, it can be used to optimize both direct demand sources and other 3rd party networks. The platform is completely cross-device and serves campaigns on the web, mobile-web and within native apps.

Other ironSource solutions


displayCore is a premium web based ad network available for both desktop and mobile. With displayCore, developers may create new revenue streams from unused inventory and distribute products to highly targeted users.


The industry leader in software distribution and monetization, installCore is powered by superior download and super-targeting technology. installCore delivers approximately 5 million successful installs each day to markets across the globe.