Behind the scenes

Start maximizing revenue and targeting high LTV users with mobileCore’s proprietary business logic.

Processing Billions Of Data Points A Day To Get You Results

It All Starts With Big Data

Leveraging ironSource’s big data experience that has managed over 2.5 billion installs, mobileCore is bringing advanced data analysis capabilities to app developers of any size. Our large store of aggregated audience profiles and behaviors are processed and made available to the platform in near-real-time, creating algorithms that maximize revenue by identifying lifetime value potential differences between users and matching them with the right paths for engagement and monetization.

Adaptive Business Logic

mobileCore is dedicated to constant improvement of its business logic, based on iterative machine learning algorithms that enable the prediction of consumer behavior, fuzzy multivariate testing, campaign performance optimization and customized analysis for clients. Requesting billions of data points a day, mobileCore’s engines optimize ad serving by forecasting consumer behavior based on ad unit, gender, interest categories, device, in-app activites, geo-location and timing, and other parameters. Utilizing this data, our statistical learning methods determine the predicted outcome for consumer response and serves ads accordingly. Therefore, with every interaction, our technology continues to learn and improve its ability to deliver the right ad to the right user at the right moment. In order to maintain our commitment to quality user engagement, if the statistical likelihood of an ad generating an install is low, then no ad will even be served. This keeps the ads relevant and the engagement strong.

Our Technology, Your Way

Whatever your technical needs are, mobileCore will take the steps needed to find and develop a tailored solution for your app. With the ability to create logics that integrate your KPIs, benchmarks and externally tracked data, we offer fully customized solutions. Advertisers can better target potentially valuable users and publishers can enhance optimization with their own aggregated data. Such tailored technology offers a new level of targeting and improves both ROI and UX.

A Few More Perks

Prefetching Technology

mobileCore’s prefetching technology ensures ads are served smoothly with no loading time. This is achieved by predicting probable content for a user and then placing it in the device’s cache in advance instead of having the ad load on the spot. With less wait time, this technology keeps engagement strong, and conversions high.

Google and COPPA Compliance

The mobileCore SDK is fully compliant with both the Google Play Store policies and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). In light of new policy changes we update the SDK to be compliant prior to the policy changes taking effect and inform developers of any additional obligatory action items when needed.

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